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aboutusJulie-J Global Ventures Ltd is a UK company that provides best of breed information and communication technology solution globally. Our friendly and knowledgeable IT consultants can continue at any level, from start, to design and project management. While understanding the technological problems you face, all our consultant are specialists at revealing the real truth and causes of the situation and providing a solution. We have the experience and expertise to offer real world assistance on a large choice of market.

We are well-established consultancy services company to cover a wide range of businesses and no matter what the size of the problem or business is, we're always there to help.

Being a consultancy company geared with the responsibility of providing active services to individual, small and medium business client owner a quick response, reliable advice and source of technical help to achieve their objectives. We offer expertise in IT consultancy.

We offer a free consultation with our customers where requirements can be discussed and arranged.

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