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Tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business to the UK and to use it as a platform for a new venture. Julie-J Global Ventures Ltd offers solutions on an as needed basis in addition to our managed services plans. We can offer you services at a fairly hourly rate without having to deal with a contract.This preference is perfectly suited for organisations/people who needs professional help on a single issue or for issues that are not re-occuring. 

No matter how little our services are needed to be offered, you will still receieve quality and reliable hands on service from our experienced professionals that would give you the best result, at the lowest possible cost.

Computer Consultancy

Business IT support

Backup Services

Computer Banks

Software Licensing

Computer & Server Repair

Microsoft Server Support

Data Processing

Data entry, Capture & processing

Questionnaire & Survey Processing

Process Outsourcing

Back Office Administration and Support

Online Content  Population & Management

Scanning, Archiving & Indexing





Data Analysis

Analytic Solution

Modeling and Forecasting Analysis

Marketing Research

Database Design and Support

Automated Tools

Business Strategy and Consultation

Custom Reporting


Project Management

Cost Consultancy

Integration Management

Corporate Facilities Support/ Asset Management

CDM Co-ordination

Move Management

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Our Office

Projects and Capabilities