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Julie-J Global Ventures Ltd

Where Situations Meet Solutions

Julie-J Global Ventures LTD is a UK Company that provides best of breed information and communication technology solution globally. We are a well-established IT Consultancy Services Company which was established to cover a wide range of businesses and no matter what the size of the problem or business, we're always there to  help. We offer a free consultation with our customers where requirements can be discussed and arranged.

IT Services

We like to think we stand out from the crowd when it comes to providing IT support. Since we are able to provide a coherent range of IT services, we can monitor projects through from start to finish and tailor the backup support services you require.

A Personal Approach

Our personal approach means you receive the full benefit of your IT and communications services without the worry, allowing you to get on with the business of your business.

Small Business

In a small business the most common challenges are caused by the shortage of in house IT skills and downtime due to failures and configuration issues. Our customers complain about the amount of time they used to waste on sorting out issues, the increasing cost of upgrades and the risks of migrating to new servers   and systems. If you are a small business (less than 50 staff), we can definitely help.

Medium Business

We view a medium business as having between 51 to 250 employees. Businesses of this size are typically highly dependent on IT but may only have a few IT people in house to  satisfy the needs. This often means that the IT team struggle to find  the time to manage the infrastructure and to deliver new projects. We can help by providing a platform as a service enabling on a private hybrid cloud enabling the in house team to be  able to concentrate on  vital new projects.

Large Business

Large businesses with greater than 250 staff are typically spread over multiple sites and have a variety of new and legacy systems. Migrating to a hybrid private cloud solution can deliver significant cost savings and flexibility options. A strategic review of what a Cloud solution can deliver is always to be recommended.  We can assist with this review so that realistic gains can be achieved from this new paradigm.

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