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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 00:00

Surface Pro 3

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Stay entertained   Surface Pro 3

Do you know that Technology has brought a fantastic replacement to your laptop now..... Its all about the new Surface Pro 3 

Surface Pro 3 is a fantastic laptop replacement on its own.  Suface Pro 3 the ultimate device. It has the power and performance of a laptop, but in an incredibly thin, lightweight, versatile form. With a stunning 12" display in a sleek magnesium frame. it also comes with an outstanding new Surface pen that feels like a fountain pen which delivers a natural writing and drawing experience.


Friday, 05 September 2014 00:00

Latest News and Updates

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Microsoft has recently released the Surafce Pro 3, the latest addition to its window tablet line-up.

The first suface tablet were pitched directly against the iPad, however Microsoft has described the Surface Pro 3 as a tablet that can replace laptop. The Surface Pro 3 was targeted and aimed at people who want the portability of a tablet but has got the power of a laptop. The iPad is well known and more of a consumer gadget used for communication and entertainment, rather than productivity, so it does not stand the chance of being a complete replacement of a laptop.

One of the only area in which the most recent iPad and Surface Pro 3 SHARE similarities is the Design. They are both tablets, so the both sport touch screens and don't have a keyboard attached to it like a laptop does.

The Microsoft Pro 3 has a larger screen than iPad's 9.7 in display, at 12inches, designed to cater for running apps alongside each other, or for those who want to run applications that benefit from more screen like Office programs and photoshop. It has a resolution of 2160x1440, while the iPad Air has a resolution of 2048x1536. That means that the iPad Air's retina display has a higher pixel density (264ppi) than the Surface Pro 3 (216ppi).


Microsoft has designed the Surface Pro 3 to give it a 3:2 aspect ratio, which allows you to snap three apps side-by-side at equal widths. It's also designed to look and feel similar to a piece of paper, according to Microsoft. The iPad has 4:3 aspect ratio. The newest iPad Air is much lighter than the Surface Pro 3, but the Suraface Pro 3 is larger overall and has some heavy technology inside it to bring taht aforementioned power. It is 800g for the Surface Pro compared with 469g for the iPad Air, and 9:1mm in thickness for the Surface Pro 3 comapred with 7.5mm for the ipad Air. The most important part of it, is taht MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 3 is the thinnest intel core PC ever made.

Here is where the similarities end and the difference between the two tablets became clear. As it's designed to be a replacement of a laptop, the surface Pro 3 uses ultar book-class intel chip (either core i3, core i5 or core i7 depending on the model you choose), making the higher-spec models just As powerful as any laptop on the market, the most DESKTOP PC. The iPad Air, uses Apple-exclusive ARM-based A7 chip designed to be used on mobile devices. The Surface Pro 3 performance is yet to be tested on such device, but yet can expect it to br very impressive for a tablet.

As for the connectivity comparison, the Surafce Pro 3 sees the Suraface supporting a USB 3 port and a micrSD CARD READER and the iPad Air lacks. The iPad Air has just 1GB of RAM, while Surface Pro 3 has the option of 4GB or 8GB RAM, designed for more powerful tack. The iPad Air has 1.2MP front-facing camera and a 5MP rear-facing camera, while the Surface Pro 3 has a 5MP front-facing camera and a 5MP rear-facing camera for higher quality. The iPad Air last for 10 hours of continous use and Microsoft claims that Surface Pro 3 will last for 9 hours of web browsing , which is better than many laptops though, the iPad Air last longer.

Another part that makes the iPad Air and Surface Pro 3 very different is the Software. Apple iPad Air runs iOS7 (soon iOS8), an operating system designed specifically for mobile use. The Surface Pro 3 runs Microsoft's Windows 8, which means you can install application that has been designed for desktop use as well as Micrsoft office application. Essentially, it can do everything a Windows laptop can. Microsoft has recently lunched its office apps for iOS, but they are not the same as the program designed for laptops and Desktop computers, while the Suraface is capable of running. Although,the constantly growing selection of iPad apps in the iOS App store is very impressive and not accessible from the Suraface Pro 3. The price of the two tablet is different. The Suraface Pro 3 is designed for more powerful tasks than iPad. It has a bigger capacity options and MORE RAM.

The iPad and Surface Pro 3 are both tablets, they are aimed at different audience and are difficult to directly compare. The Surafce Pro 3 is designed to fit the needs of a more portable laptop. The iPad Air cater to that, but not always entirely. The 64GB Surface Pro 3 cost £639 compared with the 64GB iPad Air at £559(wifi only). For £639, you can get a 128GB wifi only iPad Air, or a 128GB Surface Pro 3 for £849. Slightly older model of the iPad and models with less storage are available for little as £300.

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